Guardian and its partners are focused on continuous campus improvement.

Guardian is a division of Campus Kaizen, the leaders in providing continuous improvement services to the Higher Education and K-12 industries.


Guardian was created to fill a major need. The student conduct industry hadn’t seen a new product in over a decade, and retrofitting old products in an attempt to keep up with changing trends and requirements just isn’t effective. Similarly, other campus departments had no effective way of intaking information and processing cases.


A nation-wide consortium was created, that included expert practitioners with over 100 collective years of student conduct experience, as well as experience with all walks of conduct software. A Kaizen (continuous improvement) event was held over the course of 4 months, to identify all major & minor requirements for a new product to be able to meet the needs of any campus or application.


The team used a DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Implement, Control) process to map the Current State of existing solutions and processes in order to determine meaningful baselines from which to work. Value Stream Maps were constructed in order to identify both the Value Added activity in existing processes, but more importantly also identify the Waste (Non-Value Added) in current solutions and processes. From these exercises, the team was able to effectively design their ideal Future State for the next generation of Case Management and Student Conduct platform.


Guardian is much more than a Student Conduct tool. It is a Campus Case Management tool that allows ANY campus team or department to intake specific information, and process it through their own designed process steps.


From this Future State, Guardian was born, and Campus Case Management will never be the same.


Designed by Practitioners. Developed by Experts.

Perfected by You.


Our Awesome Partners

In addition to a great team, Guardian also has a number of outstanding Partners.

My College Roomie

My College Roomie is the most powerful roommate self-selection and assignment tool on the planet. My College Roomie is a web-based student social networking and roommate self-selection platform that provides both students and staff with powerful tools to streamline, simplify, and improve the success rate of the roommate matching and assignments process.


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Summit Performance

Summit Performance provides Training, Organizing, and Planning services, customized to meet each clients’ needs in order to ensure departmental success! Summit Performance is also an Authorized Training & Implementation Support Provider for Guardian.

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Adirondack Solutions

Adirondack Solutions is the worldwide leader in providing innovative solutions primarily for the college student life market.

They offer products for web-based room assignments, housing operations, parking/vehicle registration, conference management, guest pass tracking, and more.

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